Our Approach

Adults learning a second language requires more than memorizing model phrases to be used given in given situations. For a person to own elaborate language related knowledge, the learning process must in essence be based on reasoning and comprehension.

Learning a new language is a two-step process; the latter being integrating recently acquired grammatical concepts into everyday communication skills. This step is a notable challenge for many learners; the nature of which will often differ from one person to another.

Several factors can affect the learning process, including:

  • Shyness
  • Pressure
  • Fear of judgement

Establishing the various elements at play is therefore essential to the learner’s success.


With nearly 25 years’ experience, our evaluation team can elaborate a detailed second language learning profile. All the information collected allows us to develop a program specifically customized to a person’s needs and objectives.


Deux contacts préliminaires:

  • Oral Evaluation (1 telephone consultation)
    • Information gathering and assessment
    • Establish needs and objectives
    • Acquire sample of language of interest
    • Provide summary of profile
  • Written Evaluation
    • Evaluation form, including section for basic writing skills
    • Assessment of elaborate writing skills (If applicable)

Establish participant’s availability for schedule

Our approach accelerates the learning process and ensures you to acquire all the communication skills required to deal with the numerous stakes of today’s world of business.